We put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about DELTA. You can also navigate to the Document Portal where you can find in depth explanations regarding the ecosystem.
What is DELTA's usecase?
DELTA has a vesting mechanism built into its token that is triggered on transfer. This Open Vesting Liquidity is useful for onchain options and will be utilized by the upcoming coreDEX. You can read more regarding coreDEX here.
Why have my DELTA or Ethereum rewards not changed for some time?
The yield derives from vesting schedule interruptions. If there are no interruptions, no rewards are being generated. The team is currently working on releasing guaranteed yield rewards. This will create stable yield for staked rLP and DELTA, regardless of vesting schedule interruptions.
How do I increase the reward multiplier?
The DELTA reward multiplier can be increased by staking or compounding 10% of the staked DELTA principle with the burn function enabled. By burning 50% of your deposit you will permanently lock your staked DELTA and in return get rewarded with a increased multiplier.
Why is the APY low?
Currently the APY comes exclusively from vesting schedule interruptions. The team is working on launching stable yield for rLP and DELTA which will guarantee a minimum amount of yield for staked tokens in the Deep Farming Vault. In the future, the protocol will receive more sources of yield from its options layer as well as coreDEX.
I compounded my DELTA rewards and my Ethereum rewards have disappeared?
To save on transaction costs, the vault automatically claims your Ethereum rewards when DELTA is compounded.
I bought DELTA on a DEX why is there less DELTA in my wallet than what I bought?
DELTA has a vesting schedule which activates on purchase. It will take 14 days to fully mature and reflect the initial purchased amount in your wallet. Furthermore, if you sell the DELTA before the 14 day vesting period is over, you will forfeit the remaining DELTA.
How can I get more rLP?
You can mint new rLP, however the minting process becomes increasingly expensive as time passes. rLP can likely be swapped cheaper using a DEX aggregator like 1inch).
Can I still participate in the LSW to get cheap rLP?
The LSW is closed. You can buy rLP on different DEX's or mint new tokens on delta.financial.
I claimed DELTA rewards but Etherscan.io shows that a deposit was made?
The smart contract function called "deposit" is used to claim (withdraw) and to deposit tokens from the vault. When this function is used with ZERO amounts of rLP and DELTA it only claims rewards.
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